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Penalties for flagrant and recurrent violations of the regulations


Prohibition from purchasing an area ticket

Crime (high-value theft, poaching, animal torture)

10 years


Unauthorized fishing of a person under prohibition:

Double of the duration of the prohibition, but at least 2 years

Completed or attempted transportation of live fish

5 years


Violation of the boat fishing prohibition in April, according to point 6 of this regulation:

2 years


Retaining fish during its closed period

2 years


Violation of bag limits:


1-5 years


Violation of  minimum size limit:

1-3 years


Violation of maximum size limit:

5 years


Violation of the rules of the catch log management (falsification or changing the entered data, failure to enter one or more fish)

1-3 years


Use of significantly more rods than allowed:

1-3 years


Keeping a native fish in possession of boilie angling ticket:

2 years


Carrying in the rig without a valid ticket for this method:

2 years



If an angler commits repeatedly one of the upper listed flagrant fouls, (after being punished for that) the duration of the prohibition will be double of the original.

If an angler gets punished for an act which isn't listed here, and within the next 3 years he commits any kind of foul, he will be prohibited for 2 years.